Bruul of Karth


Home World: Shrine World
Fate Threshold: 2
WS:40, BS:30, Str:40, T:40, Ag:30, Per:25, Int:30, WP:50, Fel:50, Infl:40
Background: Adeptus Ministorum
Role: Hierophant
Experience point purchases: WPx1(to 50), Felx1(to 50), Command x1 (to rank 3), Charm x1 (to rank 3), Commanding(T), Weapon Training: Primitive(T).
Additional gear selected: Warhammer, Hand Flamer Fuel Canister, Bionic Arms, Robes.


Bruul hails from the district of Karth on the shrine world Maccabeus Quintus. He is a well-built man of average height with an ever-hopeful disposition. He chose to join the ranks of the Adeptus Ministorum at a young age, rather than follow in the footsteps of his family’s strong military tradition (though he still holds a great deal of respect for the Imperial Guard and other organizations). After seeing firsthand the corruption of the ruinous ones in his younger siblings, and how powerless he was to stop it from spreading, he became convinced that serving the Emperor directly and spreading his divine word was truly the best way to serve the Imperium.
After serving the Ministorum faithfully on Quintus for several years, Bruul decided to step up his commitment to service and apply for a position in the Inquisition (hoping to finally be able to unite the disciplines of Faith and Might in order to combat corruption head-on). After being accepted, and initiated on Quintus, Bruul left his home behind to travel the breadth of the Segmentum Obscurus until the time of his summoning. Upon arriving on a new planet, he would seek out whatever pockets of faithlessness and dismay he could find in the population. He vowed never to leave for the next world until he’d brought at least a hundred men to the Emperor’s Light.
Now thirty-one, nearing what will be the end of his ten year pilgrimage, Bruul has just finished convincing forty or so outlaws to leave their cowardly ways behind and join the ranks of the Imperial Guard (bringing his total for the planet to just over two-hundred souls saved).

Bruul of Karth

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