Osmius Prime

Osmius Prime is an Imperial mining world colonized 430 years ago. It is the only colonized planet in its system, and is fairly isolated from the rest of the sector.

System: Osmius

Sector: Hectorius

Segmentum: Obscurus

Population: 6.31 E 7

Moons: 4 (OOM1 (nearest), OOM2, OOM3, OOM4 (farthest))

Mass: 0.992 Terran Units

Approximately 430 solar years ago, this metal-rich world was colonized for the Emperor. The initial settlement consisted of three sites: three refineries each attached to deep ore mines. Those three settlements are recorded in Administratum records as Fodina Primus, Fodina Secundis, and Fodina Tertius.

For around 200 years, industry prospered normally, with the three oligarchies of Primus, Secundis, and Tertius cooperating to pay the Emperor’s tithe of materials. Around 200 years after its founding, however, Osmius found itself cut off from the rest of the Imperium. Local warp storms, tied to the ebb and flow from the Eye of Terror, prevented all astropathic communication with other worlds in the sector.

Osmius Prime

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