Amicus Recedentia

The Amicus Recedentia is the small merchantman ship commandeered by Inquisitor Allegore Clement Ardrano on Karnossos, for use as his personal craft for operations on Osmius.

It was on this craft that the new acolyte recruits first met the inquisitor and his two interrogators.

The ship is manned by a crew of six servitors. Two pilot servitors handle basic navigation, and can be set to autopilot a course. Two tech servitors man each cargo bay, assisting in loading and unloading cargo, and operating the bay doors.

I. Cockpit
II. Galley
III. Captain’s Quarters
IV. Port Storage Hold
V. Starboard Storage Hold
VI. Port Cargo Bay
VII. Main Corridor
VIII. Starboard Cargo Bay

Amicus Recedentia

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